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Hi everybody!

So far, we have received 20 candidacies for the contest. Only one has been refused, as the author did not provided us with serious proof of accreditation.
Out of the 19 contest participants, 17 have provided us with a project, of which 15 have been accepted by the board, and 3 have already send us their first drafts (one student from Italy, one from Poland and one from Spain) – none of which have been reviewed yet. Those numbers are pretty much identical to the 2019 contest one month in. .

As the previous one, the 2021 contest was featured on the pages of various European universities.
– In Italy, at University of Pavia
University of Urbino
– In Lithuania , at the European Humanities Universities in Lithuania (Riga)
– In Croatia, in the Libertas University
– In Bulgaria, at the University of Plovdiv
– In Romania, at the University of Pitesti FB page

In addition, we have been shared by various pages across the web. As a reminder, our contact email for the 2021 contest is contest2021 [at]

Best regards
G. For Blue Europe