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Despite the context of the current pandemic and the many restrictions associated with it, the Polish economy seems to be holding up well. According to Eurostat data, it was one of only two countries to record an increase in industrial production in September.
Industrial production in the euro zone fell by 6.8% compared to September 2019, and by 5.8% in the European Union as a whole.

The falls in production affected almost all EU economies – the largest falls in September were recorded in Ireland (-13.6%), Germany (-8.7%), France and the Netherlands (both 6.1%). Only Poland and Portugal ended September on a positive note, with an output growth of 3.3% and 2.5% respectively.

Moreover, the Chancellery of the Prime minister of Poland had the pleasure to announce yesterday (19th of November) that Poland was also leading the ranking of the increase in Industrial Production Growth in the EU compared to 2015 with 24,9%, followed by Cyprus (21,3%) and Slovenia (20,6%), followed then by Hungary, another central Europe country. . The largest fall in production was recorded by Germany (8,9), Luxembourg (6,1%) and Holland (2,9%).

Source : Eurostat.

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