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Short Analysis

Chinese Influence in Hungary: a multifaceted relationship

Réka Koleszár – Indipendent Researcher Réka Koleszár is an independent researcher focusing on the relations between the European Union and Asia, in particular East Asia. Her experience spans international organisations and think tanks including working for the Council of the European Union and the European Policy Centre. Réka holds an…
Guest Author
Country Analysis

The end for Djukanovic’s era in Montenegro

Jakov Milatovic is the new president of Montenegro. In the run-off against the outgoing Milo Djukanovic, Milatovic – the candidate of the centrist “Evropa sad!” (Europe Now!) movement – won a landslide victory with over 60% of the vote, confirming the predictions made after the first round, when the 36-year-old…
Andrea Bogoni