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Our Goal? Creating a better Europe for everyone. To contribute to this effort we offer decision material to stakeholders and powerholders for better-informed, agile and efficient policies.

Setting up bridges

Blue Europe is a think tank as well as an editorial project focused on bridging Central and Western Europe. Our goal is to foster contacts between the West and the East, notably on the economic and technological fronts.

The European Think Hub

We have assembled an international team of experts. We are united in our belief that Central and Eastern Europe will eventually become Europe’s driving force.

Feedback and data

Structuring the expertise around data, but also experience the feedback given locally: we believe that a well structured and co-working community is key to strive for improvement.

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Working with us

We propose and discuss the strengths of our research with policy makers, key stakeholders and social groups in order to jointly build knowledge and contribute with public policy recommendations.

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Solid research

Blue Europe connects its authors and the general public through the dissemination of original dossiers directly accessible on our website. We believe implicating all the stakeholders is the solution.

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Founded in 2016, Blue Europe is becoming an important player in the circulation and exchange of ideas between Eastern and Western Europe. On our website you can find current projects and scheduled events.

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Blue Europe is one of the best Think Tanks when it comes to economics issues, and answers all problems by bringing facts back, and them alone.

Jonathan Alwich, Expert

Blue Europe wants to reach as far as possible, increasing shareholder awareness. Their work is very good from this point of view.

Louis De Meer, Expert

We stand out by avoiding pitfalls of Think Tanks : pandering to anyone, opinions not rooted in experience, or simply producing unrealistic content.

Brian Fabregue, President

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