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Short Analysis

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Short Analysis

Opportunities for Three Seas Initiative countries for maintaining diplomatic relations with Taiwan

This contribution is part of the book “The Dragon at the Gates of Europe: Chinese presence in the Balkans and Central-Eastern Europe” (more info here) and has been selected for open access publication on Blue Europe website for a wider reach. Citation: Hazla, Marceli, Opportunities for Three Seas Initiative countries for maintaining diplomatic relations…
Short Analysis

Georgia’s path towards Europe and the West

Georgia’s foreign policy and national identity have been significantly influenced by its European orientation, a strategic stance that has shaped its diplomatic, economic, and security decisions. As Georgia continues its path towards EU accession, the interplay between historical legacy, societal consensus, and ongoing political efforts will remain pivotal in defining…
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Short Analysis

Interconnector Bulgaria-Serbia: closer ties with Azerbaijan and resilient European energy markets

The Serbo-Bulgarian Gas Connector, formally known as the Interconnector Bulgaria-Serbia (IBS), represents a critical infrastructural and geopolitical development in the energy sector of Southeast Europe. The inauguration of the construction works on the Bulgarian section of this gas interconnector was a significant milestone, underscoring its importance as an EU Project…