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Blue contributes to the economic, scientific, legal and political fields by publishing research, implementation, and evaluation studies.

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Organising thought and practice

Our reports on topics of interest—including structural evolutions, sectorial analysis and other—put us in conversation with policymakers and thought leaders on the issues facing leaders today. Our team has focused on collecting data and conducting research on deep trends and the role each actor can play  in the policymaking process.

In addition to our own research, we’ve bolstered and collected our research reports and commentary with a diverse array of analysis and data from organizations and synthesis to enhance our work. We’ve been working with including top actors in each field. In addition, we’re continuing to grow our  collection with more publications.

Our high-quality research reports help deciders, public policies makers, entrepreneurs and businessmen anticipate challenges and influence change in their industries and beyond. Recognizing the value of this type of content, we work toward research reports and commentary, including detailed analysis of emerging sectors in Central Europe markets.

Short Analysis

Short reading to explain one particular subject, one particular political or economical feat.

Long Analysis

Multiple part essays about one specific subject.

Country Analysis

Analysis on specific countries, often updated to keep up the times.

Peer reviewed

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Our Recent Writings

Rare harth materials
Short Analysis

Battle for critical and rare materials: dependency, politics and business interests

Originally published on the Macedonian Academic Blog "Respublica" on December 2023, the 29. Disclaimer: Due to personal political standpoints, the author avoids to use the prefix “North” in reference to the country officially known as The Republic of North Macedonia after the 2018 Prespa Agreement (Final Agreement for the settlement…
Short Analysis

Poland’s 20 years in the European Union: How the country’s economy has changed

Jan Normann – University of Wrocław Jan Normann is a third-year undergraduate student at the University of Wrocław, Poland, majoring in European Studies. Since March, he has interned at Blue Europe, serving as a Public Relations Intern. Jan is also a dedicated member of the Forum of Young Diplomats in…
Poland 3SI
Short Analysis

Interview with Prof. W. Gizicki on Poland’s role in the Intermarium concept: fostering integration in CEE

Interview conducted by Jan Normann and Andrea Bogoni. In January 2023, Blue Europe published an article entitled “Poland's Role in the Intermarium Idea,” authored by Henrique Horta, which discusses Poland's role in the Intermarium concept, envisioning an integration of Central and Eastern European (CEE) countries between the Baltic, Black and…