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Blue contributes to the economic, scientific, legal and political fields by publishing research, implementation, and evaluation studies.

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Organising thought and practice

Our reports on topics of interest—including structural evolutions, sectorial analysis and other—put us in conversation with policymakers and thought leaders on the issues facing leaders today. Our team has focused on collecting data and conducting research on deep trends and the role each actor can play  in the policymaking process.

In addition to our own research, we’ve bolstered and collected our research reports and commentary with a diverse array of analysis and data from organizations and synthesis to enhance our work. We’ve been working with including top actors in each field. In addition, we’re continuing to grow our  collection with more publications.

Our high-quality research reports help deciders, public policies makers, entrepreneurs and businessmen anticipate challenges and influence change in their industries and beyond. Recognizing the value of this type of content, we work toward research reports and commentary, including detailed analysis of emerging sectors in Central Europe markets.

Short Analysis

Short reading to explain one particular subject, one particular political or economical feat.

Long Analysis

Multiple part essays about one specific subject.

Country Analysis

Analysis on specific countries, often updated to keep up the times.

Peer reviewed

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Our Recent Writings

Statements and Events

Blue Europe 2022 “Robert Schuman” writing contest

Welcome to our new 2022 writing contest! Blue Europe is both a think tank and an editorial project about the links between Central and Eastern Europe. Its vision is to…
Warsaw Poland
Analysis & Research

Selected Polish government’s initiatives towards the implementation of Industry 4.0

The Polish economy is still significantly behind other European countries in terms of Industry 4.0 implementation. The Polish government has become increasingly aware of the fundamental importance of modernizing its…
Short Analysis

The future of Romania in Europe, its relations with Moldova and the continental chessboard with Russia

Despite being endowed with natural resources, including hydrocarbons, precious minerals, and fertile land, it is nevertheless the second-poorest country in the European Union. The bad luck Romania had came from…