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August 2023

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The EU enlargement in the Western Balkans: new challenges after the war

Introduction The large-scale invasion of Ukraine by Russia since February 2022 has radically transformed the international political environment and internal balances within the European Union and, predictably, has also affected relations with the Western Balkans. The process of European integration of the six countries in the region (Albania, Bosnia Herzegovina,…
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Pollution in the Western Balkans (Part 1): an overview

Pollution, air quality and, more broadly, responses to climate change pose a challenge to the stability and security of the Balkan region. The environmental fragility of the region combined with critical socio-economic issues make it feared that the energy transition in the Western Balkans will not be a foregone conclusion.…
Short Analysis

Threats to the Rule of Law in the UK and in Europe

By Lorenza Buttini Lorenza Buttini is a graduate in the master’s degree in law at the University of Pavia with a score of 109/110. Her final dissertation, discussed in December 2022, is about ‘The contrast to the gender pay gap’ in the field of European Comparative Labor Law, with particular…
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