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Croatia, officially the Republic of Croatia is a country at the crossroads of Central and Southeast Europe. It shares a coastline along the Adriatic Sea. It borders Slovenia to the northwest, Hungary to the northeast, Serbia to the east, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Montenegro to the southeast, and shares a maritime border with Italy to the west and southwest. Croatia’s capital and largest city, Zagreb, forms one of the country’s primary subdivisions, with twenty counties. The country spans an area of 56,594 square kilometres (21,851 square miles), hosting a population of nearly 3.9 million.

Short Analysis

Croatia and the EU: ten years after

Ten years ago, Croatia became the 28th member of the European Union and since then it has achieved its most important strategic goals and reduced the development gap with the ‘historic’ members to some extent, but due to the opening of European doors to its workers, it is facing a…
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