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Central Europe

In most definitions, the countries of Central Europe are Germany, Poland, the Czech Republic, Austria, Slovakia, Slovenia, and Hungary. In some definitions, Switzerland and Croatia would also belong to Central Europe, as well as Bosnia-Herzegovina, Montenegro, Serbia, North Macedonia and Albania.

Short Analysis

Chinese Influence in Hungary: a multifaceted relationship

Réka Koleszár – Indipendent Researcher Réka Koleszár is an independent researcher focusing on the relations between the European Union and Asia, in particular East Asia. Her experience spans international organisations and think tanks including working for the Council of the European Union and the European Policy Centre. Réka holds an…
Guest Writer
Short Analysis

The Dragon at the Gates of Europe

This contribution is part of the book "The Dragon at the Gates of Europe: Chinese presence in the Balkans and Central-Eastern Europe" (more info here) and has been selected for open access publication on Blue Europe website for a wider reach. Citation: Bogoni, Andrea, Foreword, in: Andrea Bogoni and Brian…
Andrea Bogoni