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Dear Blue Europe Community,

We are thrilled to announce the publication of our latest book, “The Dragon at the Gates of Europe: Chinese Presence in the Balkans and Central-Eastern Europe.” As co-editor of this exciting and timely 584-pages-long work, I am delighted to share with you the details of this comprehensive examination of China’s influence in the region.

In recent years, China has been steadily increasing its presence in the Balkans and Central-Eastern Europe, raising significant questions and opportunities for the countries in this diverse and strategically important region. This book, the result of extensive research and collaboration among experts in the field, delves deep into the multifaceted aspects of China’s engagement in this area.

The book is edited by Brian F. G. Fabrègue and me, with the contribution of Chris Vermorken, Mark Temnycky, Marceli Hazla, Richard Straka, Sonja Stojadinovic, Elizabeth Yoneva, Slobodan Trivić, Antonella Benedetto, Zdeněk Rod, Roman Štěpař, Samuel Dempsey, Réka Koleszár, Tomáš Kolomaznik, Aliaksei Patonia, Sergiu Mitrescu, Ivo Ganchev, George Loria, Mariam Gamdlishvili, Jakub Stepaniuk, Ágnes Bacsarszki and Aleksandar Chernev.

We wish to extend our heartfelt appreciation to the exceptional authors who have generously shared their expertise and insights, the diligent reviewers whose critical input has elevated the quality of this work, and the graphics team responsible for enhancing its visual appeal. Together, we have created a valuable resource that we hope will inspire and educate for years to come. Thank you for being a vital part of this journey.

Contributions were submitted between August and September 2023, then have undergone one or more rounds of double-blind peer review. Blue Europe internal reviewers have focused on structure, neutrality and accountability. A few contributions were updated and integrated with more recent developments up to October 2023. In the upcoming months, selected articles from the book will be published on Blue Europe website to be freely available for the public.

Blue Europe book

Key features of The Dragon at the Gates of Europe include:

  1. Comprehensive analysis: The book offers a comprehensive analysis of China’s economic, political, and strategic interests in the Balkans and Central-Eastern Europe, shedding light on the motivations behind their involvement.
  2. Case studies: We provide in-depth case studies on various countries in the region, exploring how Chinese investments and initiatives have impacted their economies, infrastructure, and political landscapes.
  3. International implications: The book examines the geopolitical implications of China’s presence in the region, considering the reactions of both regional and international actors.
  4. Future scenarios: It also offers forward-looking assessments of potential future scenarios and developments in this dynamic region, where East meets West.
  5. Contributions from several experts: Our book features contributions from many professionals, researchers, and scholars who bring diverse perspectives and insights to this complex topic.

We believe that The Dragon at the Gates of Europe will be an invaluable resource for policymakers, academics, analysts, and anyone interested in understanding the evolving dynamics of this strategical region of Europe in the context of China’s expanding global influence.

We invite you to explore the book and engage in discussions on the critical issues it addresses. At the time of this news post the book is available only in pre-order on platforms such as Amazon. More information will follow soon, including how to purchase a copy directly from our website.

Thank you for your continued support, we look forward to your thoughts and feedback on this important work.


Andrea Bogoni