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Baltic States: From Pragmatism To Cooling Of Relations

Tomáš Kolomazník - Center for Security Consulting (CSC) Tomáš Kolomaznik is PhD in Sociology from Charles University and has worked in the Ministry of Defence of Czechia, Foreign Liaison Office, as the dean of the department, where gained a wealth of knowledge being responsible for bilateral cooperation. He then worked…
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Short Analysis

Romania and the path to renewables: solar panels

Romania is undergoing a significant expansion in solar power within its broader energy transition framework, bolstered by European funding and legal reforms. This upsurge has prompted investments across the spectrum, from individual households as prosumers to utility-scale facilities, with local government units emerging as a significant segment for development up…
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Romania and internet connectivity: success factors

Romanian internet population data Romania's internet penetration rate is one of the highest in Europe, surpassing even some of the continent's wealthiest countries like France, Belgium, Finland, and Austria. In January 2023, Romania had 17.82 million internet users, indicating an 88.9% internet penetration rate of the total population. This represents…
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For a better future of NEETs in Romania

By Amalia Dania Berinde Dania Berinde majored in English Literature in 2013 and later became an English-Romanian translator. In 2022 she began economic studies, enrolling in bachelor’s studies at the Vasile Goldis Western University of Arad, specialising in Accounting and Management Informatics under the mentorship of Professor Olimpia Neagu. Blue…
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