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Find out about Europe’s geopolitical and economic prospects. Our reports analyse the current political map of the old continent and, in addition, details the region’s main economies and how they compare with each other. Keeping an eye on the geopolitical landscape is a crucial skill for business leaders, investors and entrepreneurs to help them understand the world in which they operate.

Short Analysis

Challenges of Chinese soft power in Western Balkans

Richard Straka – Center for monitoring, reporting and analysis Richard Straka is a graduate in International Relations and European Studies at the Comenius University, and currently PhD candidate at the University in Banská Bystrica. His research focuses mainly on conflicts, the far right, disinformation and the geopolitical situation in Eastern…
Guest Author
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Baltic States: From Pragmatism To Cooling Of Relations

Tomáš Kolomazník - Center for Security Consulting (CSC) Tomáš Kolomaznik is PhD in Sociology from Charles University and has worked in the Ministry of Defence of Czechia, Foreign Liaison Office, as the dean of the department, where gained a wealth of knowledge being responsible for bilateral cooperation. He then worked…
Guest Author
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The Chinese Influence in Visegrad Countries

Zdeněk Rod - University of West Bohemia in Pilsen Zdeněk Rod is a research fellow and PhD candidate at the University of West Bohemia in Pilsen, Department of Politics and International Relations. He is also CEO & Co-Founder of Center for Security Consulting in Prague, a fellow at the International…
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The Dragon at the Gates of Europe

This contribution is part of the book "The Dragon at the Gates of Europe: Chinese presence in the Balkans and Central-Eastern Europe" (more info here) and has been selected for open access publication on Blue Europe website for a wider reach. Citation: Bogoni, Andrea, Foreword, in: Andrea Bogoni and Brian…
Andrea Bogoni
Short Analysis

Romania and the path to renewables: solar panels

Romania is undergoing a significant expansion in solar power within its broader energy transition framework, bolstered by European funding and legal reforms. This upsurge has prompted investments across the spectrum, from individual households as prosumers to utility-scale facilities, with local government units emerging as a significant segment for development up…
Short Analysis

Croatia and the EU: ten years after

Ten years ago, Croatia became the 28th member of the European Union and since then it has achieved its most important strategic goals and reduced the development gap with the ‘historic’ members to some extent, but due to the opening of European doors to its workers, it is facing a…
Léo Portal
Short Analysis

Greece vis-a-vis climate change: tourism and agriculture affected

Greece's picturesque landscapes and rich biodiversity are under siege from an increasing number of vegetation fires. These fires, driven by both natural and human factors, present significant economic and environmental challenges. The country's hot, dry summers create ideal conditions for fires, while human activities, including negligent behaviour and arson, contribute…