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Blue Europe met yesterday to determine what would be the thematics we would work during the coming year. We are happy to reveal the list.

Main thematics:

  1. Smart Cities. What are the goals of Smart Cities in Central and Eastern Europe? How those cities fare in the general world competition? Will there be an evolution ?
    A workgroup has already been organized and will work on a long paper to be published this summer. If you are interested, the workgroup may accept candidatures of researchers and students in Law and Information Technologies.
  2. The technological evolution. This subject has been extended for the next two years.
  3. Nuclear Energy in Central Europe.
  4. The Southern Baltic Sea Trade Zone.
  5. Cryptocurrencies and tomorrow economy. A workgroup has already been initiated by Mr. Fabregue, Blue Europe president. Please send you CV to the contact email for consideration.
  6. The Fourth Industrial revolution. Workgroup directed by Dr. Combot, doesn’t accept new members currently.

How to send us your paper

Outside this specific subjects, we accept on a one to one basis all papers relating to Economy (including Econometry and Statistics), Law (all fields safe for Human Rights and Criminal Law), Technology, Industry (including Industrial Processes) or Political Sciences regarding all the countries that our Think Hub studies* , if the paper or article satisfy the following conditions :

  • The paper must be original and must not have been published elsewhere. You can present a rework of a previous paper, or a updated synthesis of paper presented on other supports (journals, websites, think tanks, etc).
  • It must be source rich, especially when it comes to data for Economy and Technology papers
  • The paper must be informative and accessible to any person working in the field.
  • Have a length of at least 10’000 characters (spaces and commas included).

We accept all submissions from researchers in the field, including independent and unaffiliated researchers. All submissions are peer reviewed, and the review process takes on average 2 to 10 weeks to be completed, depending on lenght.  There is no deadline for submissions and we will be reviewing them on an ongoing basis. To submit please:

  1. Email to Dr. G. Wiśniewski at ; subject line: Working Paper Series:  “Title of your paper”.
  2. Include your full name; email, and institutional affiliation if applicable
  3. If you are writing a full paper : attach your paper, including a 1 page summary of the paper (not an abstract but a full-summary including key findings/conclusions). Sources have to be formatted as foot-page notes or as Chicago Manual of Style quotes.
  4. If you are writing a short article : include your article, and con

Membership is also once again open upon candidature, with a limited cap of 5 new member this year. To integrate our Think Hub, please send a mail to Dr. G. Wiśniewski at or Mr. P. De la Bassetière at

*Austria, Poland, Estonia, Lithuania, Latvia, Hungary, Croatia, Slovakia, Czechia, Romania, Slovenia, Bulgaria, Serbia and Ukraine (no paper on Political Sciences are accepted about Ukraine).