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Short Analysis

Digitisation In Central And Eastern EU Countries- Part 2

DIGITISATION IN CENTRAL AND EASTERN EUROPEAN COUNTRIES: CYBERSECURITY CONCERNS, CORPORATE RESPONSES, AND GOVERNMENT STRATEGIES By Manel Bernadó Arjona  The Downside of Digitisation: Cybersecurity Implications The rapid increase in the use of digital tools across all strata of society requires strong, well-oriented cybersecurity measures that tackle multifaceted cyber risks. The entry…
Short Analysis

Hungarian reaches top of secondary education

By Grzegorz Wiśniewski, Ph.D. Economy Since 2015, the Hungarian government has begun to invest massively in education, particularly in tertiary (university) education. These investments, which account for a significant part of the Hungarian budget, indicate an approach that Blue Europe considers favourable, particularly in terms of the development of advanced…
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